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Montessori pedagogy and its relevance to 21st century children and their families

at ‘In the Footsteps of Giants’, Edinburgh, March 14th 2020. Tickets on Eventbrite.


BarbaraHaving trained Montessori teachers at Montessori St. Nicholas, London Montessori Centre and Montessori Centre International, Barbara contributed to all course developments at MCI since its inception in 1998 to the present day. She is one of the founding members of the MSN’s Montessori Accreditation and Evaluation Board (MEAB) and since 2010 has been actively engaged in the Montessori School Association. Between 1991 and 2007 she was the proprietor of Seedlings Montessori Nursery in Oxfordshire. She initiated the thriving Montessori St Nicholas (MSN) partnership with the Museum of Childhood.  Barbara contributed towards the establishment of the Primary School Initiative that brings Montessori education to foundation units in primary schools.

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Barbara has written many articles and two books, Understanding the Montessori Approach and Bringing the Montessori approach to your Early Years Practice, in which she endeavours to make Montessori pedagogy accessible to new generations of early years educators and parents. She is passionate about high quality teacher training for early years practitioners and campaigns for nursery education that promotes exploration, investigation, critical and creative thinking through play based activities whilst nurturing the spirit of each child.

In her current role as Montessori Global Ambassador she continues to champion the Montessori approach, particularly with disadvantaged communities and with politicians, to demonstrate the relevance of Montessori education in 21st Century.