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Information for conveners and launch partyteams

We see these as short, fun ‘teatime’ events (to which supporters can bring children if they wish) providing a focus for local media coverage, while also celebrating supporters’ work during the afternoon and in the week to come. It’s also an opportunity to contact local politicians, celebrities ad educational opinion-formers – even if they don’t attend, the invitation will alert them to Upstart.


  • The format is entirely up to your own network. If it involves some sort of photo opportunity (Edinburgh plans to build an ‘Evidence Tower’ from large cardboard cubes) mention it in a press release to help attract media attention.
  • We also hope to have a short Upstart video to show (so you’ll need a laptop and projector) and a ‘rolling powerpoint presentation’ about the campaign.
  • Work out roughly how many people you’ll be catering for and find a suitable venue. Unfortunately, we can’t help with funding (all Upstart‘s money is going on resources) so we hope networks can be creative and draw on the good will of local supporters, e.g. by appealing for help on the local Facebook page.
  • Compile a list of potential guests and organise invitations. These should be emailed by 15th April to give plenty of time for RSVPs.
  • Organise a small team to be in charge of arrangements on the day (hopefully, they’ll be able to combine this with some leafleting activity nearby). Make sure you’re covered for health and safety regulations (e.g. shop-bought packaged food is safest). The tea party needn’t be lavish – it’s the atmosphere that matters!


  • Please keep the national team up to date with your plans via Basecamp and/or email. We need details (time, venue, rough outline of event) for the website, inclusion in national press releases and publicising via Facebook and the next newsletter (out at the beginning of May).
  • Sue ( and Michele ( are coordinating the national launch – please copy any emails to both and they’ll deal with any enquiries as quickly as possible.


  • We’re hoping many passionate Upstarters supporters will be out on the streets during the day publicising the cause. The launch party is an opportunity to celebrate their enthusiasm and, hopefully, enlist the interest and support of local opinion-formers.
  • Keep speeches short and sweet, but make sure you publicise the week’s forthcoming events.
  • Ask leafleters for good stories and photos that can be fed to the media (and spread via Facebook etc). And take photos of your party to share on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (using the hashtag #Upstart).