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The more events supporters organise around the country, the more seriously politicians, opinion-formers and media will take the campaign. It would be great if we could list a hundred local events, however small, showing the strength of our national support.


  • If you don’t have time to organise anything complicated, could you simply set up an Upstart Information Post – a stand with posters, leaflets, balloons and a laptop showing the Upstart video and/or rolling powerpoint presentation? (These resources will be sent to the local networks in the coming weeks and information will be available in the Launch section of the Upstart website.)  
  • But if you can also arrange a play-based event of some kind, it will publicise the Upstart cause while also illustrating what it’s all about. So far we’ve had suggestions for

– Stay and Play sessions, indoors and outdoors

– Open Days at forest schools and other EY settings

– Pop-Up Play events in parks, etc.

– special guest appearances (e.g. storyteller, artist, puppeteer,

  musician, outdoor play expert, local children’s author/poet)

– meetings to tell people about the campaign

 (we can provide Upstart powerpoint slides if required)

– outdoor art/craft events such as a Chalk Day.

As other ideas come in, we’ll publicise them via Facebook. It’s an opportunity to be creative and turn your enthusiasm for Upstart into concrete action.

  • Check that you have the correct insurance for any event you organise. 
  • Spread the word about your event (and Upstart‘s national launch) via social networks for families, e.g. Mumsnet, Gransnet, Mumsintheknow, and professionals, e.g. EY, playgroups, education, health and community networks. 
  • Is there a weekly round-up of forthcoming events in your local paper or the local radio station? If you send in details it may inspire interest in the campaign and your organisation’s involvement. 
  • Ask if you can display a poster in local community centres, libraries, etc. Put posters in your window at home! All publicity is good publicity for the Upstart cause!


  • Contact your local convener via email or local network Facebook as soon as possible to let them know what you plan to do. They’ll help compile keep a central register of all the events happening nationally during the week, needed for press releases and media enquiries.
  • Keep up to date with what people are doing around the country via the Upstart website and Upstart Scotland Facebook page.


  • Everything you do this week is an opportunity to inspire a more creative approach to early years education in Scotland. We reckon that our supporters are naturally creative so let’s lead by example! 
  • If people show interest in Upstart during your event, ask for their email and send it to Michele ( to be added to the newsletter list. 
  • Please take photos for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. (if children feature, remember to get parental permission at the time). When posting on social networks please use hashtag #Upstart. 
  • Good luck and ONWARDS AND UPWARDS!