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  • Choose an area to leaflet – somewhere you can accost lots of parents, grandparents, etc. Will you set up a stand or work the street (or both)? Will you work as a group or just go out for a couple of hours with a friend? If you’re looking for a group to join, find one via your convener or the local Facebook page. 
  • It may be that your network decides to ‘love bomb’ particular places (e.g. city shopping streets or family attractions) because there’s strength in numbers. But we want supporters to get out in other areas too – towns and villages around Scotland. The more places Upstart can make an impact on 15th May, the better. Just let your local network know what you’re planning so they can publicise it.  And if there isn’t a local network near you, let us know at 
  • Suggestions for attracting attention have so far included:

– flash mob activities (songs, dances, chants, puppet shows etc.)

–  wearing eye-catching costumes

–  taking along a piper or other musician

–  having an interesting mascot

–  wearing Upstart teeshirts (we’re planning to provide transfers so people can make these – details will be on the website by April 16th)   

We’re sure you’ll think of lots more ideas!

  • Decide on a starting and finishing time for your leafleting. We’re organising a Twitter-storm at 2 pm to alert people to the leaflet campaign (Tweeters, we’ll need your help! – see here). So please make sure you’re out and about then and for the next couple of hours. But if you want to make a day of it (especially if the weather’s good) please feel free! 
  • Once you’ve got an outline plan, you can recruit more leafleters – family, friends, colleagues, anyone you know who’s sympathetic to the Upstart cause. Children of all ages are, of course, welcome. Just make sure everyone involved knows what it’s all about and where to rally.


  • Keep your local network convener informed (by email or local Facebook) about what you’re planning to do and where. S/he can provide Upstart leaflets, balloons, stickers, etc. (from mid-April, there’ll be information on the website and Facebook about downloading other necessary/useful resources). 
  • Keep an eye on what other people are planning via your local Facebook page. There may be ways you can collaborate. 
  • Keep in touch with what’s happening nationally too via Upstart‘s Facebook page and the website. From 10th May, we’ll provide a downloadable handout of events going on around the country during launch week. Check it out so you can tell people about the campaign as you hand out the leaflets.


  • On the day, make sure people notice the name ‘Upstart‘ and our website address, by displaying it on placards, wearing an Upstart tee-shirt (details available soon) and so on. 
  • If the weather is unkind, adjust your plans accordingly (there’s no such thing as bad weather for leafleting, just the right sort of public environment!). 
  • Spread the word by engaging as many people as possible in conversation about Upstart and the forthcoming events.  Don’t be shy!  If people seem keen, ask for their emails and send to Michele ( so she can add them to the Newsletter list. 
  • Keep smiling (!) and take photos of your activities to spread via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, including your local Upstart Facebook page.  We may be able to use them for the media, and/or post them on Upstart and National Children’s Day websites. 
  • Enjoy the day – and if your network is holding a launch party at the end of the afternoon, go along to celebrate with your fellow-leafleters!