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Upstart produces a regular Newsletter for supporters with a blog, news round-up, useful links and other items of interest.  It’s usually published around the beginning of the month. The following links take you to previous issues:


October: Lots about Parliament…and other news

September: Change is possible – help make it happen

August: Let’s help policy makers see the light

June: Reports show EY policy still a guddle

May: Play + child development go to Parliament

April: Upstart emerges from its long winter sleep…



November:  Six days to go – please add your voice.

October: SNP votes for a kindergarten stage. How you can help!

September: Latest on SNP kindergarten debate and other EY news

August: SNP to debate kindergarten stage? Upstart makes the headlines!

July: An attainment gap rooted in development, not education

June: Is 1140 hours sustainable? And is Scotland collecting the wrong data?

May:  Play is the way to counter the COVID effect

April: What the Muir Report says about Early Years… and other good news

March:  A way forward for play in Scotland

February: It’s been a long month… did you miss anything?

January: Play Not Tests for 2022!



December: What matters most in mid-pandemic – children’s futures or system reform?

November: Play is the Way is one today … and things are changing

October: More support for a kindergarten stage… and lots of reasons!

September: Play is the Way for this new school year

August: Summer news … and hopes for the future.

July: What does the OECD review mean for early years?

June: Help change Scotland’s early years policy – here’s how!

May: Election special – plenty of support for a kindergarten stage

April: Catch up or calm down? Early years roller coaster ride gets bumpier

March: No to catch-up! Yes to recovery, reconnection and PLAY!

February: Build back upwards! You know it makes sense!

January: 2021 – Scotland’s year of transformational change?



December: A ‘Year of Childhood’ for Scotland – and play is the way!

November: Help us give a Christmas present to policymakers!

October: Are we doing enough to promote long-term health and well-being in early years?

September: Why are UK children the unhappiest in Europe? And why Scottish children soon won’t be.

August: Is this the most significant school term ever?

June: What, when, how for Scotland’s under-sevens? 

May: Transitions, ambitions, decisions: let’s put children first 

April: Early years in a time of coronavirus 

March: A huge welcome to ‘Realising the Ambition: Being Me’ + lots of other Upstart news

February: Early years, play, school deferral, consultations, dates for your diary, and much more

January: New decade – new thinking about early years?



December: What do the latest PISA results mean for early years in Scotland?

November: ‘There is hope’… in relationships, play and the natural world.  Join Upstart today!

October: How to save the world – including childhood – with a tiny mindshift… and other Upstart news

September: Let the children play! It’s time to introduce a kindergarten stage (3-7 years)

July: Is Scotland rearing children fit for the future?

June: Online debate on SNSA starts 3-6-19… and other Upstart news

May: Testing times for EY educators … but inspiration is at hand!

April: ACEs, resilience, play-based learning, children’s rights … what’s next for Scotland?

March: The most exciting academic paper we’ve read this century .. and other Upstart news

February: All the Upstart news… and a message from Vygotsky about play

January: 2019 – the crunch year for play?



December: Why all under-sevens deserve ‘the gift of time’ to develop their full potential

November P.S. Report on P1 tests controversy

November: Singapore opts for Play Not Tests … and researchers ask ‘Are children losing the ability to play?’

October: Scottish parliament votes against P1 tests … Upstart’s assessment of the news

September: Let’s use chalk and talk to promote Play Not Tests 4 P1!  Latest news from Upstart

August: JUST DO IT! Opt-out campaign launched today: see our video, postcard and much more.

July: Happy holidays! Summer reading from Upstart about SNSA, self-regulatuion and much more

June: Questions about P1 tests from politicians + the latest news from Upstart

May: Play Not Tests, ACEs, shocking statistics about children’s mental health… and more news from Upstart

April: Launch of PLAY NOT TESTS in P1 campaign … and how you can help

March: Childhood is not a race – the latest news from Upstart Scotland

February: Childhood is not a race – the under-sevens need time to play!

January: GREAT NEWS: Upstart invited to join govt committee. PLUS: Upstart’s invitation to YOU!



November: Welcome Maree Todd, new Minister for Early Years (that’s pre-birth to EIGHT years!)

October: The case for ‘Awesome Childhood Experiences’!

September: Read all about it: More Play, More Support, More Evidence!

August: Building the curriculum or teaching to the tests?

June: AGM – vote Upstart Scotland for strong, stable, independent children!

May: English MPs say tests damage mental health! (+ other Upstart news)

April: Why the under-sevens need play, not tests!

March: Did Scotland have the world’s first kindergarten?

February: International testing plans for 4/5-year-olds … and other EY news

January: 20 things Upstart wants for Scotland’s under-sevens in 2017…



December: Why Scotland’s under-sevens need to be outdoor and active!

November: How we can change outdated attitudes to ‘Early Years’ and early learning?

October: Raising attainment starts with nurture, nature and play for the under-sevens

August: The vital importance of play-based education for the under-sevens

July: Changing the ethos of early education in Scotland – next steps

June: Taking Upstart forward – help us change the ethos of early years education

Launch special: Campaign Launch – one step nearer to play­-based kindergarten for Scotland!

May: Upstart launches May 15th: an idea whose time has come

April: Upstart needs YOU to help with the National Launch!

March: Upstart: ready for life (not just school)

February: Upstart is up and running!

January: Let’s make 2016 the year Scotland ‘reclaims childhood’ for the under-sevens 



December: Will a four ­year­ old near you start school next year?

November: Schoolification isn’t working

October: Big Picture — Small Children (why Upstart is about far more than early years education)

September: Testing times for Scottish children… and other news from Upstart 

August: New campaign about care and education of children aged 3 to 7

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